New metocean services company launched

September 1st 2003 saw the launch of a new company for the global provision of metocean services. Called Metocean Services International (Pty) Ltd, the company was formed in response to the industry requirement for alternative providers of specialised metocean services on a global scale. MSI aims to provide the entire range of oceanographic and meteorological services to the offshore oil & gas market, coastal engineers, dredging companies, port authorities etc. These will include inter alia physical measurement services, desktop studies, data processing / reporting and weather forecasting.

The company is  headed by Sidney Bilski, Stefan Stimson and Bruce Spolander, all former employees of Thales GeoSolutions’ Environmental and Metocean Services Division, creating a partnership that brings together over 30 years experience in the industry. Sidney was responsible for managing worldwide sales of Thales’ metocean business with Bruce managing the operations of all projects worldwide. Stefan was previously Thales’ operations manager for Egypt and then Africa, before taking over as Business Unit Manager of their global metocean buisness.

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