MSI trains local marine scientists and surveyors

As part of its commitment to training, MSI is involved in a number of training courses with local educational institutions.

For the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Masters Degree in Applied Marine Science, MSI is responsible for the Project Management Module for the 2nd consectutive year. Each year the module is adapted to suit the students’ backgrounds and involves introducing the students to formal project management techniques. The module comprises both lectures and group / individual assignments with examples which are relevant to commercial projects.

Staying with lecturing, Stefan Stimson, a category A certified hydrographer is presently lecturing the Hydrographic Surveying component of the Bachelor of Technology in Surveying at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The course is run over three modules with the final module including practical fieldwork onboard a survey vessel equipped with positioning, side scan sonar and both single and multi beam echo sounders. The course syllabus includes an overview of traditional and radio positioning as well as modern day GPS systems (including RTK, RTG, DGPS, etc.) and underwater positioning. The students are also introduced to seafloor mapping (side scan sonar, echo sounding, etc.), ROV’s, AUV’s, oceanography, tidal theory and basic geodesy.

MSI agreed to design and present this course as it believes there is a need to increase the education of Hydrography locally. The first module was presented in February and was attended by 36 students, the majority from industry all over South Africa.

CPUT Students attending a practical session onboard the MV Sealab in Simonstown harbour. The vessel was fitted with CNav DGPS and Reson Multibeam Echo Sounder.

Also involved in training is Bruce Spolander who, through MSI’s associate company Lwandle Technologies, is delivering a software suite to assist Inahina in the quality control and processing of the oceanographic data that they collect. This software comprises a toolbox of routines written in the Matlab programming language that interact with the user though a series of graphical user interfaces (GUI’s).

A critical element of the training is in the use of the software at Inahina’s offices in Maputo. This involves hands-on training using tidal and current data collected by Inahina. Other activities include training Inahina staff in data collection in the field, with a program to determine current and hydrographic conditions in Maputo Bay.


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