MSI completes 12 month ‘Shah Deniz’ program

MSI has previously reported on a long-term current measurement programme in the Shah Deniz field off Baku, Azerbaijan. We can report that this project has finished with the successful recovery of the mooring in March 2006. The recovery of the mooring was conducted from the vessel MV Yarenga and during this trip, the MSI engineer also assisted with servicing and deployment of Triaxys directional wave buoys.

Triaxys directional wave buoy rady for servicingAll data from the 12 months of measurement has been processed and we are currently compiling a summary report synthesising all the data. According to Colin Grant, BP’s metocean advisor, the current data was used to assist with the installation of the platform facility at Shah Deniz (successfully completed in early May) and will be used to confirm the design current used in the basis of design.

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