MSI appointed Australian agents for RBR Ltd

Coinciding with the launch of MSI’s Australian office in Tasmania, the company has been appointed Australian agents for RBR Ltd ( Formed in 1976 and based in Ottawa, Canada, RBR Ltd. is a global leader in the oceanographic instrumentation industry, providing competitively priced and innovative products to scientists, government agencies, military, universities, and individuals.

The product range available from RBR Ltd. includes single, dual and multi-channel data loggers, salinometers, tide gauges and water level recorders. RBR Ltd also has extensive experience of successfully integrating their instruments with other international manufacturers sensors and has also recently launched the RBR Ltd Data Buoy. This buoy is based on a 1.75m polyethylene, foam-filled hull and is highly configurable in order to meet the clients’ exact requirements.

As well as a complete team of oceanographers and engineers available to calibrate instruments to WOCE standards and to support clients queries and requirements, RBR Ltd also have a range of accessories available to support oceanographic programs, no matter how large.

Speaking on behalf of Metocean Services International, Stefan Stimson commented, “We look forward to growing RBR’s share of the Australian market and developing our existing relationship with them. To date we have already worked with RBR Ltd. on numerous occasions and not only do we represent RBR Ltd products in South Africa through our sister company (Lwandle Technologies) but we also use the products extensively in the field to support our projects around the world.”

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