MSI support local team of sailors

MSI is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Tasmanian State Sabot team that will attend this year’s Australian National Championships at Airlie Beach, Queensland. The sailors, ranging in ages from 10 to 15, qualified to represent their state by sailing consistently at 4 qualifying regattas held around Tasmania. This was followed by significant training on and off the water to prepare them not only for the stiff competition from their fellow top junior sailors from all over Australia, but for the testing conditions that they could face in tropical northern Queensland. Speaking to the press prior to the event, Cathy Hawkins, President of the Tasmanian Sabot Sailing Association said “They could face tropical conditions and cyclonic winds and are also required to wear the mandatory ‘stinger’ suits as protection against the deadly jelly fish found in that region”.

A group of Sabots, including 3 of the MSI sponsored Tasmanian team, 'fighting' for the best position at the next mark

Apart from the pressures of the current economic climate, the remoteness of the location (1100km north of Brisbane and approx 3,000km from Tasmania!) meant that the team was facing a 400% increase in transport costs for the boats alone. MSI’s sponsorship not only reduced the overall cost to each family attending, it also allowed the team numbers to be increased by 25% opening up the experience to even more young sailors.

MSI is pleased to be able to support this team and to give something back to the local community. We considered this cause to be particularly worthy as not only is it associated with the marine environment, but it gave us the opportunity to support young sailors that have worked so hard to achieve their own personal goals and to be considered amongst the top Sabot sailors of Australia – an achievement in itself. MSI wish the entire Tasmanian team the best of luck at this year’s championships and who knows, maybe we have supported amongst others, a future Olympic champion?

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