MSI purchases AXYS WatchMate for long term contract

MSI is pleased to announce that it has recently ordered an AXYS WatchMate™, an oceanographic and meteorological data collection buoy, to support a long term contract it has been awarded. The AXYS WatchMate™ buoy will be added to MSI’s extensive equipment pool and will be initially used to provide meteorological and oceanographic data to MSI in a project for a major international oil company. It will be deployed in 1,000m of water alongside a deepwater subsurface mooring providing a through column current profile.

The 1.8m WatchMate™ buoy is a rugged, lightweight environmental monitoring buoy that maintains the requirements of a navigational aid. The solar and battery powered buoy is configured with an extensive range of environmental monitoring sensors, including directional waves, ocean currents, air temperature, humidity, wind speed & direction, and barometric pressure.

Solar Panel Assembly Mast Structure Ready for Fitting Hull Component Complete
Solar Panel Assemby Mast Structure Hull During Manufacture

Data from the buoy is collected by AXYS’ proprietary onboard WatchMan500 data acquisition system and will be transmitted to the MSI data centre at its offices in Cape Town, RSA using Iridium satellite telemetry. MSI personnel will access buoy information and environmental data at their Cape Town office using AXYS’ Data Management System (DMS) software, as well as via the web using the DMS web display interface SmartWeb. Using the two-way communication Iridium telemetry option, the DMS software is capable of remotely re-configuring specific parameters on the buoy such as sensor sampling periods.
Complete Buoy Ready for Testing
As well as being a major offshore consulting company, MSI is the AXYS Australian representative and therefore the purchase of this system reinforces MSI’s ability to offer advice and support to their existing and potential AXYS clients throughout Australia. This new order is in addition to recent deliveries to Australia including AXYS TRIAXYS wave buoys and, most recently, the delivery in January of an AXYS HydroLevel Mini.

AXYS Technologies Inc designs, manufactures, deploys and maintains remote environmental data acquisition, processing and telemetry systems. For further information contact AXYS at sends e-mail) or visit

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