MSI announces its MSI / RBR million dollar Australian

MSI is pleased to announce the sale of two RBR TWR-2050P Tide and Wave Recorders that, although a small sale on its own, is a significant milestone in terms of Australia. This sale, to the University of Western Australia (UWA(link is external)) in Perth, takes MSI passed the $1 million dollar mark of RBR product sales in Australia since acquiring the agency

To commemorate the event, MSI presented Dr. Ryan Lowe (pictured) of UWA with a bottle of Single Malt Whisky from the Tasmanian Lark Distillery.

The Lark Distillery (link is external)began producing award winning whisky in the mid 1980s using the pure mountain waters of Tasmania, premium quality Franklin barley and the fragrant Tasmanian highland peat. Through their dedication to time honoured principles of copper pot distillation and small barrel maturity, they have ensured premium quality whisky production in the finest Scottish tradition and now boast worldwide recognition.

Apart from being a product of Tasmania where MSI’s Australasian business is based, given that the Lark Distillery embodies the same high quality and attention to detail as MSI and RBR, the Directors of MSI thought that this was an ideal gift.

Dr. Lowe (link is external)has a background in oceanography, environmental fluid mechanics, and environmental engineering, with his work focusing on studying complex (and often multidisciplinary) research problems in the coastal zone. His research requires him to employ a wide range of laboratory, field and numerical modelling approaches and the TWRs will be used to support this research. Dr. Lowe’s research has had a significant impact in the three key areas of Coral Reef and Coastal Hydrodynamics, Numerical Modelling of Waves and Coastal Circulation and Biophysical Interactions in Coastal Environments, with his recent work contributing to the understanding of key biophysical processes operating in pelagic shelf ecosystems, particularly along the Western Australian coast.

RBR(link is external) is a world leader in underwater instrumentation for serious oceanographers, hydrographers, and water quality experts.  “We are delighted with the level of enthusiasm that MSI puts into the relationship with us” said Greg Johnson, President of RBR.  He continued: “The level of support that customers appreciate us for is due in no small part to our local agents, and MSI provides sales and support to Australian customers that is second to none”.

The sale was actually made in June of 2011 but MSI decided to wait 6 months before announcing it to ensure all of the paperwork and contractual issues had been completed. This means that this milestone was passed in under 4 years since RBR seriously entered the Australian market with its appointment of MSI as exclusive Australian representatives. With the recent launch of new products such as the RBRduo, Mooring Line Modem and true USB connectivity, combined with MSI already selling in excess of $300k worth of RBR products since this milestone was passed 6 months ago, MSI is well on the way to being able to reward the next “Million Dollar Customer”.

Formed in 2003, MSI provides the entire range of oceanographic and meteorological services internationally to the oil and gas industry, coastal engineers, dredging companies and port authorities. MSI has a management team that brings together over 50 years of experience in the industry. With offices in South Africa and Australia and access to the latest state of the art equipment, MSI has successfully conducted operations in over 30 countries since inception. MSI Australia is also the exclusive Australian representatives of RBR Ltd, AXYS Technologies Inc. and MetOcean Data Systems.

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