MSI appointed NOVATECH agents in Australia

MSI is pleased to announce that it is now the exclusive Australian agent for NOVATECH. NOVATECH, manufactured by MetOcean Data Systems, is the premier name in oceanographic recovery and warning applications and supplies a wide array of Radio Beacons, Iridium Beacons, Xenon and LED Flashers, and combination units

NOVATECH’s self-contained Beacons and Flashers can be submerged for long periods in up to 7,300m of water. When brought to the surface, NOVATECH products automatically activate, allowing tracking, incident-alert and recovery through radio or visible flashing detectable from up to 8.n.m. away. Iridium beacons can provide real-time GPS locations to anywhere in the world.

As users of the NOVATECH products ourselves, the team at MSI is happy to discuss your specific application. For additional information regarding any of NOVATECH’s products, please view our NOVATECH page, or contact us.

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