MSI appointed EdgeTech agent in Australia

EdgeTech is a leading manufacturer of both shallow and deep water acoustic releases, provides a full line of underwater survey products, including sub-bottom profilers, bathymetry systems, side-scan and AUV/ROV-based sonar systems and also manufactures USBL systems and transponder beacons, and Motion Reference Units.

Already, EdgeTech’s Push-Off Release Transponders (PORT) are proving popular in the Australian market with 10 units ordered within weeks of being awarded the agency. The acoustic releases greatly simplify mooring retrieval: send an acoustic command from the recovery ship, and the PORT will verify the command before activating the release mechanism. Once released, the mooring then floats to the surface, leaving only the anchor behind. The acoustic release can then be reused by simply replacing the release link.

For additional information regarding any of EdgeTech’s products, please view our EdgeTech page, or contact us.

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