DTG3 and DTX3 ROV Launched

DeepTrekker have just announced the launch of the new generation of their ROVs – the DTG3 and the DTX3.

Powered by BRIDGE Technology, these new ROVs take industry leading affordable ROV technology to new levels.  BRIDGE technology is comprised of custom hardware, software and integration, developed in response to a growing market demand. Utilising the latest in technology, this platform will become the base for future products, new and advanced features and third-party integrations by Deep Trekker.

BRIDGE allows the user to experience wireless control and viewing, multi-vehicle operation over the internet, and software upgrades from anywhere in the world,” says Chad Plesa-Naden, Embedded Systems Engineer Lead, Deep Trekker.

Deep Trekker’s world-class are already being used around Australia and by thousands of customers globally. Their portability, reliability and cost make them an ideal tool for a range of industries including aquaculture, construction, inspections, sampling, security checks, etc.

The DTG3 ROV now has advanced power, heightened capabilities and high-end performance at a breakthrough price with the standard offering being:

  • New dedicated 7″ LCD Controller 4K Camera with 64GB SD card recording
  • 300M Depth rating
  • Hybrid Power (12 hour battery life)
  • Chargers
  • Batteries
  • Bridge plus Gyro and other sensors allow “super stabilisation” with Horizontal Stabilization
  • Easy to integrate SONAR and other accessories, with Sonar view switchable on the hand held display, no more computers required.
  • Fully assembled, tested and ready to go

The new auto heading sensors makes the ROV drive effortlessly straight through the water making flying easy, combined with exceptional vertical depth hold  with camera stabilization.

The DTG3 “Expert” also comes with:-

  • 100m tether on cable reel
  • Sensor Pack (heading, depth, temperature)
  • Pelican transport case
  • Auxiliary Lights
  • Grabber
  • Laser Scaler
  • Turbo Thrusters

Reaching depths of 305 meters (1000 ft), the DTG3 is designed to last longer with hybrid power boasting 12-hour battery life. An enhanced viewing and recording experience provide smarter inspections with its live, 4K video and waterproof hand held controller – no smart phone displays here.

The bigger brother of the DTG is the DTX and this has also seen a substantial upgrade. The DTX3 now has 6 powerful, vectored and vertical thrusters for maneuverability unmatched in this vehicle class. The new 7″ display controller and 4K video with recording elevates the DTX3 to new heights. Rated for depths of up to 300m and with speeds approaching 3.5 knots and 13 kgs of thrust with 8 hours of battery life, the DTX3 is as powerful and strong as it is nimble and easy to use.

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