Next Gen Wave Buoys With Advanced Current Profilers

Prototypes of the next generation of AXYS surface buoys integrated with advanced current profilers were presented at Oceans last September. Discussed was the process on how AXYS chose the newer technology available with the Nortek Signature Series (500 kHz and 1000 kHz) and the design considerations that they had to do to accommodate these sensors to the AXYS Metocean Solutions lineup that consists of the TRIAXYS Wave and Current Buoy, WatchKeeper Buoy and 3 Metre Buoy.

You can read more about this as well as more information on what type of new data options can be derived from the Signature ADCP-integrated surface buoys here: 2019 Next Gen Currents Paper

More features ready for the TRIAXYS Wave Buoys:

Do you know that the TRIAXYS can now be integrated with an AIS (Aid to Navigation) radio? Aside from Message 21 that sends the system’s location, Message 8 (Waves Stat Data) can also be transmitted to oncoming ships equipped with an AIS radio.

The TRIAXYS Float Collar option is now available that practically transforms the 1 metre buoy to a 1.8 metre platform. The improved buoyancy means these buoys can now be deployed in high currents (up to 3 m/s) and up to 3,000-meter depths.

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