MSI has carefully chosen a small number of manufacturers to represent in Australia. As users of equipment from these companies ourselves, we can not only recommend them with confidence, but also provide advice and technical advice from hands on experience.

AXYS Technologies : Wave / Current / Met buoys & Platforms
BioSonics : Echo Sounders for Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat Assessment
DeepTrekker : Remotely Operated Vehicles, Crawlers, Utility Vehicles & Drop Cameras
DeepWater Buoyancy : Instrument and Mooring Solutions, Frames and Buoyancy
ecoSUB Robotics : Advanced, small, low cost AUV Technology
EdgeTech : Acoustic Releases and Sonar Systems
Fluidion : Insitu Water Sampling & Testing
MetOcean Telematics : Satellite Tracking Solutions, Polar Systems and Flashers
Mooring Systems Inc : Mooring Floats, Bottom Frames and Instrument Solutions
Nautilus : Glass Flotation and Glass Instrument Spheres
RADAC : Radar Based Water Level, Tide and Wave Recorders
RBR  : Single, Dual,  Multi Channel Loggers for Full Oceanographic Parameters
RTsys : Underwater Passive Recorders, AUVs and Diver Sonar
Zebra-Tech : Sensor and Camera Housing Wipers

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