Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology selects TRIAXYS Wave Buoy Network

Metocean Services International (MSI) in partnership with AXYS Technologies Inc (AXYS) is pleased to announce that they have recently won a tender to supply Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) with four TRIAXYS Wave buoys.

The Bureau of Meteorology is Australia’s national weather, climate and water agency. Through regular forecasts, warnings, monitoring and advice spanning the Australian region and Antarctic territory, the Bureau provides one of the most fundamental and widely used services of government. In support of the Bureau’s marine weather and ocean services, a wave observing system that enables continued automated observation and reporting of hydrological surface waves at Kangaroo Island, South Australia and Strahan, Tasmania was required.

The TRIAXYS accurately measures and transmits directional wave data using the TRIAXYS solid state wave sensor, which provides near real-time access to continuous wave measurements and does not require annual calibration.

The first two TRIAXYS Wave buoys have been delivered to BoM and are scheduled for deployment in August. The remaining two wave buoys will be built and sent in the second half of 2018. The MSI technical team will be on hand to assist BoM with deployment of the buoys and setting up operations.

Over the last decade, more than 300 TRIAXYS wave buoys have been deployed on various projects throughout the world. The TRIAXYS has been reliably proven to assist with safe Aid to Navigation activities, port operations, offshore construction, offshore wind farms, wave resource assessment, and National Meteorological coastal monitoring. The buoy has extensive success surviving harsh marine conditions at depths ranging from 10-300m and is easy to deploy with low maintenance costs.

SeaSense Website Launched

Here we go – SeaSense is go!!

MSI is pleased to launch our new website dedicated to Equipment Sales in Australia.

We still provide all of the same metocean measurement services in Australia and globally (and this is focused at however is focused on all of the agencies that we represent in Aus.

MSI successfully complete first year of measurement for McDermott Australia in the INPEX “ICHTHYS” field

Metocean Services International (MSI) has recently completed the first annual service of McDermott Australia Pty Ltd’s (MAPL) AXYS WatchMate™ current and wave buoy. The buoy was sold to MAPL in 2014 accompanied by an installation and service contract for an initial 3 years.

The buoy is installed in 270m of water in the ICHTHYS field. The INPEX operated ICHTHYS LNG Project in the Browse Basin offshore Western Australia is ranked amongst the most significant oil and gas projects in the world. In field, construction is well underway with the first production targeted at third quarter 2017.

Real-time meteorological, current and directional spectral wave data is telemetered back to MSI via Inmarsat satellite and posted onto a client specific website. Data is also posted to an FTP site to allow MAPL personnel to use it to support the ongoing infield construction where accurate, reliable and timely data is essential to ensure safe operations.

The WatchMate™ buoy is a solar powered precision instrument incorporating advanced technologies that make it an easy to use, reliable and rugged buoy for accurate measurement of directional waves. The wave sensor unit comprises three accelerometers, three rate gyros, a fluxgate compass, and the proprietary TRIAXYS™ Processor. Current data is provided via a fully integrated Nortek 600KHz profiler whilst meteorological data can be measured using a variety of sensors.

The WatchMate™ was specifically proposed to MAPL at the tendering stage due to the extreme local metocean conditions at site meaning a standard wave buoy was unlikely to survive. The WatchMate’s™ additional flotation combined with a site specific mooring designed by AXYS make it an ideal solution for these trying conditions proved by the exceptional data return provided over the last 12 months.

The project is expected to last 3 years before the buoy is recovered by MAPL following completion of their offshore work.

A spokesperson for MAPL commented “Reliable and accurate data from the WRB was essential for our offshore operations, as limiting sea states were critical for a number of the structure and spool installations. The WRB provided by Metocean Services International has been very reliable, provided the accurate data required, and the support provided from Metocean Services International for maintenance and any troubleshooting has been very professional and punctual.”

WatchMate Buoy Being Deployed Australia

MSI owns and operates a number of similar systems so was confident in its recommendation of the Watchmate. Having been AXYS’s exclusive representative for marine environmental monitoring systems in Australia since 2009, MSI has extensive ‘hands on’ experience, as both an owner and user, with the AXYS product line and is therefore well qualified to fully support the end user. MSI systems are available on either a purchase or a rental basis and all measurement equipment can be deployed individually or integrated as part of a larger metocean system.

MSI to deliver 3 AXYS Technologies buoys to assist safe passage through the port of Melbourne – Australia’s largest maritime hub

Metocean Services International (MSI) has signed a contract with Port of Melbourne Corporation for two TRIAXYS™ directional wave buoys and an AXYS WatchKeeper™ current, wave and met buoy. All 3 buoys will be built by AXYS Technologies in British Columbia, Canada, before being freighted directly to the Port of Melbourne.

The Port of Melbourne is Australasia’s largest maritime hub for containerised, automotive and general cargo. It is a key economic asset for businesses and people across Victoria and south-eastern Australia. With 2.6 million containers and 350,000 new motor vehicles handled each year, safe passage is paramount for the 3,000 ships that visit annually. The AXYS buoys will be a key component in providing real time current, wave and meteorological data to the port management system covering 100,000 hectares of port waters.

The TRIAXYS™ Directional Wave Buoy is a solar-powered precision instrument incorporating advanced technologies that make it an easy-to-use, reliable and rugged buoy for accurate measurement of directional waves. The sensor unit is comprised of three accelerometers, three rate gyros, a fluxgate compass, and the proprietary TRIAXYS™ Processor.

The AXYS WatchKeeper™ buoy is a 1.7m diameter polyethylene buoy specifically designed for deployments in coastal areas, lakes, reservoirs and rivers. The WatchKeeper™ hull is internationally proven as an aid to navigation (AToN) and can be deployed in water depths from 20m to 500m.Custom configurable with a wide range of sensors for monitoring meteorological and oceanographic parameters, it derives its wave data from the same sensor unit that is in the TRIAXYS™.

The systems being delivered to the Port of Melbourne Corporation will be fitted with radio and cellular telemetry systems as well as ISatPro for WatchCircle monitoring and terrestrial telemetry if required.

AXYS WatchKeeper buoy in Honduras_4
AXYS Watchkeeper
TRIAXYS directional wave buoys

MSI a national finalist at the 52nd Australian Export Awards

At a ceremony recently held in Hobart, MSI won the Tasmanian Export Award for 2014, for the provision of Business Services internationally. Not only is this the state’s highest recognition of excellence for Tasmanian companies exporting services and goods, as state winners MSI also qualifies as a National Finalist and therefore now progresses to the 2014 Australian Export Awards.

In its 52nd year, the Australian Export Awards is a national program that recognises and honours Australian companies engaged in international business who have achieved sustainable growth through innovation and commitment. The Awards, across twelve different categories, measure businesses against their peers based on the strength of their international growth, marketing and financial strategies. This was reinforced in a recent letter from Federal Minister for Trade and Investment, The Hon. Andrew Robb, who wrote to MSI congratulating the whole team on their award and including the statement “the programme recognises Australian companies for their outstanding achievements in growing their business internationally “

MSI was established in Hobart in 2006 to specifically target the Australasian market and is proud of the role that it plays, along with other Tasmanian businesses, not only to the local and national economy, but also in enhancing our state’s reputation for companies that excel on the world stage. Having successfully operated in over 40 different countries worldwide to date, and with nearly 60% of MSI’s annual revenue being derived in the export market in 2013/14, MSI is pleased to be recognised nationally in this manner.

The prestigious 2014 Australian Export Awards will be held in Sydney in late November with a gala dinner culminating in the announcement of the national winners as well as the announcement of the Prime Minister’s Australian Exporter of the Year.

Stefan Stimson of MSI receiving award certificate from Austrade Representative (Sponsor)
2014 National Finalists With Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Trade, Adam Brooks MP