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MSI Supplies Equipment To Vic IMOS Program

This year, MSI has supplied equipment to support IMOS mooring programs all around the country, most recently to Deakin University as part of their Bonney Coast mooring. The Bonney Coast encompasses the shelf waters between Cape Jaffa in South Australia and Cape Otway in Victoria and is… Continue Reading “MSI Supplies Equipment To Vic IMOS Program”

World Oceans Day : 8th June

As we celebrate World Oceans Day on 8th June, it is a perfect opportunity to learn more about waves. Recently, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has replaced its two existing wave buoys, one approximately 10km off the west coast of Tasmania and the other… Continue Reading “World Oceans Day : 8th June”

Next Gen Wave Buoys With Advanced Current Profilers

Prototypes of the next generation of AXYS surface buoys integrated with advanced current profilers were presented at Oceans last September. Discussed was the process on how AXYS chose the newer technology available with the Nortek Signature Series (500 kHz and 1000 kHz) and the… Continue Reading “Next Gen Wave Buoys With Advanced Current Profilers”

DTG3 and DTX3 ROV Launched

DeepTrekker have just announced the launch of the new generation of their ROVs – the DTG3 and the DTX3. Powered by BRIDGE Technology, these new ROVs take industry leading affordable ROV technology to new levels.  BRIDGE technology is comprised of custom hardware, software and integration, developed… Continue Reading “DTG3 and DTX3 ROV Launched”

SeaSense Website Launched

Here we go – SeaSense is go!! MSI is pleased to launch our new website dedicated to Equipment Sales in Australia. We still provide all of the same metocean measurement services in Australia and globally (and this is focused at however is… Continue Reading “SeaSense Website Launched”