Compact loggers


The RBRsolo³ and RBRduet³ series are RBR’s most compact, lightweight, and versatile loggers. Equipped with big storage capacity and USB-C download, they are optimized for long deployments with high sampling rates.


  • Any AA battery
  • Up to 30M measurements
  • Up to 32Hz sampling (optional)
  • USB-C download
  • Flexible measurement schedules
  • Shallow (1,700m) and Deep (10,000m) housings available

Sensors Available

  • Temperature (-5°C to +35°C / Acc. ±0.002°C / 1s & 0.1s response available)
  • Depth (optional Tide and/or Wave) (20/50/100/200/500/1000/2000/4000/6000/10000 m Acc. ±0.05% full scale)
  • Dissolved Oxygen (Oxyguard: Acc. ±2% O2 saturation (5°C to 25°C), Response ~10s)
  • Turbidity (Seapoint: Light Source 800nm, Linearity <2% deviation 0-750 FTU)
  • PAR (Li-Cor: 400-700nm, 1 hemisphere or omnidirectional)
RBR Compact
RBRsolo³ Loggers for T, D, DO & PAR and RBRduet³TD
RBRduet³TD Logger
Titanium Versions for <10,000m
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