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iSPHERE – Current & Oil Spill Monitoring Drifting Buoy

PAGE 3 - MetO Eqpt 1The iSPHERE is an expendable, low cost, bi-directional spherical drifting buoy. The drifter was developed to meet the demanding needs of the offshore oil industry, ocean freight industry and the oceanographic scientific community. The buoy was designed specifically to track and monitor oil spill incidences. The iSPHERE drifter also provides the user with essential real-time sea surface temperature data and GPS positional data.

The robust design of the iSPHERE allows the buoy to be deployed effortlessly from a vessel or an oil platform.

iSVP – current & Environmental Data Drifting Buoy

MetOcean iSVPThe MetOcean SVP-Iridium drifter is an innovative addition to the spherical drifter family. The SVP-Iridium drifter has been designed and thoroughly tested to track ocean current and provide environmental data at a designated depth beneath the ocean surface.

The SVP-Iridium drifter is truly unique. The buoy utilizes the dependable bi-directional Iridium satellite system to communicate and to transmit essential scientific data. Iridium telemetry is the most cost effective means of transmitting data for environmental applications.

The MetOcean SVP-Iridium drifter is also remarkably versatile. Additional sensor options are available, which included: air pressure (BP), salinity (CT), GPS positioning, wind speed and wind speed direction (WSD).

Self locating datum marker buoy (SLDMB) – expendable drifter for SAR / current tracking

iSLDMB 2MetOcean designed the Self Locating Datum Marker Buoy (SLDMB) specifically to meet the stringent performance requirements of coast guards for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations in the open ocean. The MetOcean SLDMB design is based on the reliable CODE/Davis style oceanographic surface drifters.

The MetOcean SLDMB in an inexpensive expendable drifter which is equipped with a bi-directional satellite transmitter and a GPS receiver. Due to the urgency of SAR situations, the SLDMB is able to communicate critical data within real-time to the end-user. Robustly designed, the SLDMB is air certified and can be deployed with ease from helicopters, ships, fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. The drifter’s operating life is between 30-60* days depending on the required data transmission rate.

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