ecoSUB Robotics Ltd


Advanced, small, low cost AUV technology

ecoSUB Robotics Limited is a company spun out of Planet Ocean Limited, a UK based marine science technology specialist, following extensive collaboration with the Marine Autonomous Robotics Systems (MARS) group at National Oceanography Centre (NOC), UK.

ecoSUB Robotics Limited’s engineering and development team are based in the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre in the NOC, Southampton, UK, benefiting from the facilities and expertise located within hub of UK marine autonomous systems development.


Micro and Small AUVs


ecoSUB C3 Graphical User Interface

This software is provided in support of ecoSUB Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and is designed to simplify the pre and post deployment testing, mission planning, data recovery, data storage, and vehicle recovery of ecoSUB AUVs.  The software is intended for use only with ecoSUB AUVs and can be used with or without the ecoSUB “HERMES” Command, Control and Communications (C3) interface box.

A basic version of this software is provided free of charge to ecoSUB users, an enhanced version which allows operation with a larger number of AUVs, as well as some additional behaviors and facilities is available for purchase by ecoSUB users.


Hermes C3

The HERMES C3 (Command Control & Communications) System  is designed to enable ecoSUB users to connect with their vehicles in any location in the World, simply and efficiently, using a variety of communications channels including Wi-Fi, Iridium, 3G/4G, RS-232 and Acoustic. HERMES C3 is equipped with GPS for Geolocation anywhere and can act as a Long Base Line (LBL) surface node when required, for enhanced vehicle navigation and positioning when fitted with acoustic telemetry.



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