Fisheries & Aquaculture

Fisheries: an entity engaged in raising or harvesting fish, typically defined in terms of the people involved, species or type of fish, area of water or seabed, method of fishing, class of boats, purpose of the activities, etc.

Aquaculture : the farming of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants, algae, and other organisms. Aquaculture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions, and can be contrasted with commercial fishing, which is the harvesting of wild fish.

The use of scientific instrumentation in the aquaculture industry is growing exceptionally fast. MSI can assist in all areas whether it is monitoring the water quality or visually inspecting the fish. Whether it is testing for ecoli to performing sonar surveys of habitats. The world is quite literally your oyster…



Aquaculture - 1.JPGThe DeepTrekker ROVs are totally portable. Fitting into either 1 (DTG2) or 2 (DTX2) small transit cases that can be carried by one person, are quick and easy to unpack and start (within minutes) and requiring no external power to operate, these units are an ideal way to operate in remote and pristine areas without having to deploy divers. Options include net repairer, water sampler, mort retrieval, side facing cameras, etc. Models include:

  • DTG2 Remotely Operated Vehicle
  • DTX2 Remotely Operated Vehicle

DeepTrekker DropCamera

DeepTrekker also make a range of Drop Camera’s that allow clear unobstructive 360° viewing that is easily expanded. The systems can be easily mounted or use purely as a drop system


BioSonics have a range of scientific echosounders that make “seeing” underwater so much easier. This includes:

  • BioSonics ExtremeSplit beam echosounders for fish surveys, biomass estimates, plankton and fish school monitoring
  • Autonomous echosounders for ROVs, AUVs or permanent / semi permanent observatories
  • Aquatic habitat exchosounders for aquatic vegetaion, substrate classification and bathymetry

Water Quality


  • RBRsolo³ compact single channel depth, temp., DO, Tu and PAR loggers
  • RBR GeneralRBRvirtuoso³ standard single channel  conductivity, depth, temp., CO2, DO, Fl, ORP, PAR, pH, Tu, transmittance voltage, etc. loggers
  • RBRduet³ & RBRduo³ dual channel options with two of conductivity, depth, temp., CO2, DO, Fl, ORP, PAR, pH, Tu, transmittance voltage, etc. loggers
  • RBRconcerto³ & RBRmaestro³ multi channel options up to 10 channels of above
  • RBR Wirewalker wave powered profiling system
  • RBR inductive modem

fluidion_transparentFluidion ALERT

  • Insitu water sampling and monitoring (ecoli, etc.)

Waves and currents (and water quality)


filedownloadCWhen you have a fixed structure around, be it a jetty, fish pen or even a vessel, the Radac range of sensors can give you radar based wave information in real-time.

  • WaveGuide Direction
  • WaveGuide Height & Tide
  • WaveGuide Onboard


When you need to measure wave and/or current in a remote location near to your farm / lease, then a buoy based solution is best. With the bigger systems, you can add water quality measurements too – all reporting in real-time using radio, GSM or satellite communications. Systems include:

  • PR57_WatchMateTRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy
  • TRIAXYS Directional Current & Wave Buoy
  • TRIAXYS Mini Buoy
  • WatchKeeper Buoy
  • 3m Buoy
  • 5m Nomad Buoy
  • HydroLevel Buoy

Mooring Equipment



Fixing your equipment is important to ensure it is still there when you return. Being able to recover it too is as important and the EdgeTech range of acoustic releases and pop up buoys allow this.

  • Acoustic releases
  • Combined acoustic release and pop up buoy system

Mooring Systems Inc


In column ADCP buoys and floats, complimented by the range of bottom frames means that you can get your instrumentation in the exact place that you need it. Combined with inbuilt release systems (such as EdgeTech’s) means that the entire mooring can be recovered, serviced and redeployed.

  • Bottom mounting frames
  • Trawl resistant bottom frames (TRBM)
  • ADCP buoys
  • Mooring floats
  • Instrument inline frames


MetOcean Telematics Beacons Flashers

Knowing where your assets are when underwater, or at night, requires high intensity and reliable lights such as the Novatech flashers. When the assets are recovered by a 3rd party, be it by a weather event, a trawler or through sabotage, being alerted and being able to track it via satellite gives an increased chance of recovery.

  • Iridium Satellite Beacons
  • VHF Tracking Beacons
  • LED Flasher



Zebra Tech barnacle 1Keeping your sensors clean in a marine environment is always the challenge. Zebra-Tech’s range of wipers allows sensors for Tu, PAR, DO, etc. be physically wiped ensuring that the data you collect is as good as possible. A range of wipers for camera systems is also available ensuring your view is not obscured and service visits by divers can be extended.

  • Wipers for various water quality sensors e.g. Tu, PAR, DO, etc.
  • Wipers for your existing cameras
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