istock-496771542.jpgFluidion is an innovative high-technology company providing autonomous in-situ sampling and measurement solutions for environmental monitoring and water quality applications: sample collection, chemical measurements, microbiological analysis.

Fluidion addresses the pollution monitoring and water quality markets, from the urban setting (drinking water, rain water and wastewater) to the natural environment (beach monitoring, stormwater, lakes, rivers, coastal waters and ocean waters), to large industrial sites (chemical facilities, ports, etc.).

Fluidion ALERT System

Fluidion ALERTThe microbiology ALERT system is an in-situ analyzer that is able to measure E. Coli and Total Coliforms near drinking water intakes, in surface waters (lakes and rivers), near fishing or swimming areas as well as at wastewater plant outflows.

The ALERT system is the only instrument that is capable to perform automatically, in-situ, the sample collection and microbiological analysis operations, and to send data and alerts in real time! It can be installed in no time, and requires only a minimum of maintenance.

It can float (e.g. attached to a buoy), or can be installed in any facility. It works in all environments and under all weather conditions, without needing external power.

It sends its data wirelessly and in real time to a central server, which can issue automatic alerts by email or SMS. It can also be controlled remotely and wirelessly via a smartphone or a web interface.

The Fluidion ALERT System provides a rapid and accurate quantification of E.Coli and total coliforms in-situ in a fully-autonomous fashion.

Fluidion ALERT LAB

Fluidion ALERT LABThe ALERT LAB performs the same type of bacterial analysis as the ALERT System, except for the automatic sampling function. The ALERT LAB is highly portable, works on battery, and can be used in almost any setting: in the trunk of a car, on a beach, in a boat, lab or office.

The ALERT LAB can perform up to six independent measurements in parallel, and it sends data in real time to a central server. Automatic alerts can be generated automatically (by e-mail or SMS text message). It allows a rapid and accurate contamination of bacteria present in the sample, particularly: E.Coli, Total Coliforms and Enterococci.

Also available:

Fluidion Deep Water pH Data Logger

Fluidion DeepWater pHThe portable Deep Water pH Data Logger is a smart sensor that can connect to various gliders, AUV’s, ROV’s, and ARGO-like profilers through a standard high-pressure electrical connector and it communicates via a serial protocol. The sensor implements automatic temperature and pressure corrections, using internal sensors. Reliable system deployment is possible to a depth of 2000 m, which makes it an ideal choice for deep-water exploration (including Arctic deployment), aquaculture and environmental monitoring.

With a low energy consumption mode, the system boasts excellent autonomy for long-term glider/AUV and profiler deployments. Field maintenance and calibration between campaigns can be performed through a simple procedure allowing for quick redeployment, enabling the user to concentrate on the mission objective rather than on equipment details. The unit can be easily programmed and controlled via a simple serial communication protocol.

The Deep Water pH Data Logger also comes with Fluidion’s proprietary user interface which enables data visualisation, simplifies the calibration procedures, and implements data correction for temperature and salinity variations during the deployment.

Fluidion Deep Water Sampler

Fluidion DeepWater SamplerThe Deep Water Sampler allows the acquisition of up to 16 single-shot or composite samples to depths of 200 meters (shallow), 2400 meters (deep) and 5000 meters (ultra-deep) using miniaturized peristaltic pump (PP) technology. The Deep Water Sampler is specifically designed for installation onto a glider or in the payload bay of an AUV or ROV, and it communicates with the platform via a waterproof cable (RS-232). A first for autonomous underwater vehicles: returning in-situ samples to surface allows for subsequent lab analysis (complete fingerprinting of hydrocarbon traces, full ocean chemistry and biology) and verification of inline sensor measurements.

With a power-down/sleep mode that allows minimal power consumption, the Deep Water Sampler can be deployed for extended periods. Only simple maintenance and conditioning is required between sampling campaigns for quick redeployment. It can be easily programmed and controlled through a serial protocol or using the software interface, which allows the option of pre-programmed samples, or real-time triggered (adaptive) sampling as directed by the AUV or by inline sensor data.

NB each system requires custom adaptations to the specific AUV / ROV / Glider platform.

Fluidion RS-14V Sampler

Fluidion RS14vThe RS-14V automatic fluid sampler is a connected and submersible instrument which allows the acquisition of fourteen 250mL samples. The RS-14V is a reliable sampling workhorse for your most diverse applications: impact studies, spill monitoring, storm sampling, tidal events, phytoplankton blooms, and microbiological research.

The RS-14V model collects samples in the harshest environments and under the most unforgiving weather conditions. The sampler is highly resilient, resists shocks and severe outdoor exposure, can float on water or be submersed. It can be used near shore, attached to a buoy or deployed from a vessel and can be triggered on demand from a cell phone or a secure web interface. You can also easily pre-program time series samples from a cell phone or computer USB port, or use the automatic triggering from external sensors (optional).

The samples can be collected in containers made of glass (standard), plastic or metal (optional), depending on the parameters to be analyzed. Deploying multiple samplers at different positions or depths allows the 4D mapping of an underwater pollution plume, which can provide a better understanding of the leak extent and impact, and lead to faster and better response decisions.

The RS-14V only requires simple maintenance in the field. With exceptional battery autonomy, the RS-14V can be deployed for extended periods of time – from 6 weeks to 2 years, which can drastically improve the reach of your sampling campaigns.

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