iSPHERE servicing


MSI is pleased to now offer an “iSPHERE Refurbishment Service” allowing our Australia clients the opportunity to have their iSPHEREs serviced, repowered and tested, in country.

The iSPHERE is a low cost, expendable, drifting tracking buoy developed by Metocean Data Systems. Using a state-of-the-art data acquisition system, the iSPHERE collects real-time sea surface temperature and GPS positional data, which is transmitted to the client via the Iridium satellite network at configurable intervals. The iSPHERE can easily be deployed from an oil platform by one person – simply remove the external magnet to activate and drop overboard.

The standard shelf life of an iSPHERE is two years based on the expected shelf life of the batteries. As the majority of our clients only use their units as emergency response, thankfully they don’t get used in anger very often and therefore they are still in excellent condition at the end of their “expected life”.

The options available are:-

  • Purchase replacement new buoys
  • Send existing buoys back to the manufacturer for refurbishment
  • Send to MSI for in-country refurbishment

By sending to MSI, although we are not able to offer an extension of 1 year manufacturers warranty offered on the other two options, this is a cost effective and quick option as it is all handled in Australia.  The iSPHEREs are sent to our Hobart workshop where they undergo the following work:-

  • Initial inspection
  • Replacement of battery pack, o-ring and all 24 securing bolts
  • Testing of iridium/GPS transciever
  • The unit is then labelled with new expiry date, packed up and despatched back to the client normally within 24 hours

For further information or to request a quote for this service, please contact us.

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