Nortek Defence

blue-wave-black-ocean.jpgNortek designs, develops and produces scientific instruments that apply the Doppler principle to underwater acoustics in order to measure water in motion, such as currents and waves. Nortek provide truly innovative, robust, and accurate instruments, backed up by advanced software and comprehensive support to ensure customers maximize value from their measurements.

As well as being an extensive user of Nortek products on our own measurement programs, MSI is the Nortek Agent for Defence in Australia.

Nortek’s product portfolio ranges from wave measurement systems to single-point turbulence sensors and oceanic current profilers. Our product range covers four themes: ocean waves, ocean currents, turbulent flow and subsea navigation.

Where would defence use Nortek?

Nortek one although you may have a better res oneSubsea Navigation

The quality and accuracy of a navigation system depends largely on the quality and reliability of the Doppler Velocity Log (DVL). Professional users therefore choose the Nortek DVL to meet their strict demands. They depend on their DVL to secure precision navigation and positioning for their advanced vehicles.


Nortek CurrentsOcean Currents

Nortek provide innovative current meters and acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) to measure ocean currents. These diverse instruments are appropriate for a multitude of applications, ranging from very shallow estuaries to long-range current profiling in the open ocean.


Nortek WavesOcean Waves

Whether you are measuring ocean waves and swell or wind-generated waves, the Nortek acoustic wave sensors will help you record wave height, period and direction with great accuracy and precision—in addition to also measuring currents. These instruments can be installed in shallow or deep areas and help you to fully characterize all sea state conditions. All wave systems are also capable of current measurements.

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