Offshore Construction

Offshore construction: The installation of structures and facilities in a marine environment, usually for the production and transmission of electricity, oil, gas and other resources. 

Construction on land is a challenge enough. Moving offshore makes it significantly more challenging and therefore requires reliable, accurate and world leading solutions. MSI has conducted numerous projects to support offshore construction and therefore can recommend the right solutions, tailored, for any offshore construction project.

Waves, Wave & Currents:

During the construction phase, wave & current data is essential to allow safe operations.


filedownloadCWhen you have an existing fixed structure around, be it a construction barge, jacket, pier or even a vessel, the Radac range of sensors can give you radar based wave information in real-time.

  • WaveGuide Direction
  • WaveGuide Height & Tide
  • WaveGuide Onboard


When you need to measure wave and/or current in a remote location near to the construction site, then a buoy based solution is best. With the bigger systems, you can add water quality measurements too – all reporting in real-time using radio, GSM or satellite communications. Systems include:

  • PR57_WatchMateTRIAXYS Directional Wave Buoy
  • TRIAXYS Directional Current & Wave Buoy
  • TRIAXYS Mini Buoy
  • WatchKeeper Buoy
  • 3m Buoy
  • 5m Nomad Buoy
  • HydroLevel Buoy



Picture 046rv4c120dpibig

Fixing your equipment to the seafloor is important to ensure it is still there when you return. Being able to recover it too is as important and the EdgeTech range of acoustic releases and pop up buoys allow this.

  • Acoustic releases
  • Combined acoustic release and pop up buoy system
  • Heavy duty acoustic releases / strong backs



Knowing where your assets are when underwater, or at night, requires high intensity and reliable lights such as the Novatech flashers. Being able to track it via satellite or VHF beacons gives an increased chance of recovery. The MetOcean Telematics range includes models designed and extensively used with AUVs and ROVs.

  • Iridium Satellite Beacons
  • VHF Tracking Beacons
  • LED Flashers



Oil and Energy - 1The DeepTrekker ROVs are totally portable. Fitting into either 1 (DTG2) or 2 (DTX2) small transit cases that can be carried by one person, are quick and easy to unpack and start (within minutes) and requiring no external power to operate. But portabilty does not give way to capability. Theses units are commercial grade eye balls allowing clear pictures to be acquired exactly where you want. Options include 4k cameras, recorders, grabber,etc. Models include:

  • DTG2 Remotely Operated VehicleDeepTrekker DropCamera
  • DTX2 Remotely Operated Vehicle

DeepTrekker also make a range of Drop Camera’s that allow clear unobstructive 360° viewing that is easily expanded. The systems can be easily mounted or use purely as a drop system

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