Police, SAR & Defence

Police, Search & Rescue and Defence: When these sectors are at work, reliability and accuracy is essential as almost always they act in emergency situations. 

Specialised sectors such as police, defence and search and rescue, use a range of equipment in a completely different manner than many typical research. Where fish farmers use ROVs for monitoring fish, police use them for inspecting wreckage; where drilling rigs track oil spills with drifters, AMSA use them to aide search and rescue operations, where engineers are interested in ocean currents for design purposes, submarines are interested in them to monitor their position covertly for longer. Here is how some of our agencies are involved:


  • Ocean currents for defence operationsNortek 1
  • Ocean waves for defence operations
  • Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL) for vessel / submarine navigation


  • ROVs for wreckage invesigationFirst Responders
  • ROVs for first response applications
  • Drop cameras for subsurface investiagtion
  • Pipe crawlers for asset checking, recovery, security
  • ROV for mine / subsea checking


  • 20140320adf8098978_027.jpgiSLDMB for search and rescue / man overboard
  • VHF tracking beacons for surf life saving
  • Oil spill tracking response
  • Beacons and flashers for underwater assets / vehicles


  • Tide gauges for rapid deployment and recoveryRBR Small Loggers
  • Tide gauges for longer term hydrographic surveys
  • CTDs for speed of sound determination to aide underwater acoustic monitoring and avoidance


  • IMG_3939Acoustic releases for asset deployment and mooring
  • Pop Up buoys for asset / target recovery
  • Sonar systems for wide area surveys / invesigations
  • Sonar systems to assist rapidly deployed troops / landings


  • Passive acoustic monitoring devices
  • Sans titre12.pngAUVs for rapid autonomous data collection
  • Diver sonar system


Sans titre12.png
Diver Sonar
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