Deep Trekker ROVs are like no other you’ve seen. Based on a clean-sheet design, Deep Trekker remove the complexity of owning and piloting a remotely operated vehicle – but without sacrificing quality or capabilities. All of their ROVs are based on the principle of bringing a portable, affordable, and easy to use solution to anyone that wants to look underwater. With this mission, all of the systems are built on the same principle features.

  • Light Weight, Low Drag Tether
  • Patented Pitching System
  • Fully Integrated Viewing & Control
  • 360° Viewing
  • Portable Solution
  • Built to Last


PAGE 3 - Deep trekker eqptThe DTG2 is a commercial grade mini ROV, designed with the Deep Trekker patented pitching system for unmatched manoeuvrability. An internal HD camera, with a 330 degree field of view so you can inspect below, above, behind or in front of you, and see the live feed directly to your hand held controller. With on-board batteries, work 6 – 8 hours on one 1.5 hour battery charge, and never worry about lugging around multiple cases or generators to your dive sites.

The DTG2 has a forward speed of 2.5 knots, with depth ratings of 100 m and 150 m, this tool is ideal for underwater inspections in your tough environments.


The DTX2 ROV has the same capability, portability, and ease of use as the DTG2 – but in a package rated for deeper waters and offshore use. Depth rated to 305m, the DTX2 boasts 26kg of thrust to perform in tough ocean environments.

The integrated vectored thrusters allow for lateral side-to-side movements as well precise turning. Built with Deep Trekker’s patented pitch system, the DTX2 ROV rotates 180 degrees to move vertically, making it easy to manoeuvre in confined areas. The pitching system, combined with vectored thrusters provides unmatched manoeuvrability, moving in any direction – both vertically and laterally all with only four thrusters.

The DTX2 ROV system has been designed with military, search & rescue, offshore energy, and oceanographic researchers in mind. This robust system can work in higher currents and maintain stability with the vectored thruster design and patented pitching system.

DeepTrekker Compare.JPG

Options Include:

  • Aux Camera (single or dual)
  • Aux lighting
  • Blueprint Oculus Multibeam Sonars / ROV mount
  • Crawler wheels
  • Cutter attachment
  • Digital Video Glasses
  • Digital Video recorder
  • Downrigger
  • Diveable control system
  • Gemini 720ik multibeam maging sonar
  • GoPro mount
  • Hybrid power system
  • Internal 4k Ultra HD camera
  • MicronNav USBL
  • Sediment Sampler
  • Laser scaler
  • Mort retrieval system
  • Net repair tool
  • Service parts
  • Thickness gauge
  • TriTech MicronSonar
  • Water sampler
  • Control console



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