ddu_1025_logo.jpgRTsys is a European company specialising in the development of underwater acoustic solutions for research, defence and offshore construction. RTsys develop all their hardware, electronics, and signal processing capabilities in-house, and regularly collaborate with major international research institutes on cutting-edge acoustic studies.

RTsys’ products include a range of highly configurable subsea acoustic noise recorders, with low power, multiple input and channel options, as well as moored or towed operating modes. These recorders are ideal for environmental monitoring, cetacean research, and noise impact studies for seismic, shipping, and subsea construction. RTsys also offer buoy-based recorders with real-time telemetry, for live monitoring of noise criteria exceedance.

Underwater Acoustic Recorders

EA-SDA14 Recorder

Highly configurable, four-input autonomous underwater noise recorder
EASDA14Use up to 4 hydrophones concurrently
• 24 bit data acquisition
• Programmable mission schedules
• Autonomous or real-time wired mode
• 200/700m versions available
• Optional pressure, temperature, and GPS sensors
• Rechargeable options


Long autonomy, underwater noise recorder
ea-sda1000.pngSingle, full calibrated acquisition channel
• 200/700m versions available
• Over 100 days autonomy
• Rechargeable options
• Up to 1.5km cable


Low power, compact and cost-effective underwater noise recorder
• Single hydrophone inputsylence-new-format.png
• Simple to use, deploy and recover
• Up to 45 days recording
• Record up to 96kHz in 24 bits
• Optional pressure and temperature sensors

Remote Listening Systems


Rugged, remote real-time noise monitoring buoy
rb-sda-110x2502Remote access via web interface
• Radio link up to 10km
• WiFi link up to 1.5km
• Real-time display of SEL and SPL
• Up to 42 days recording autonomy



Remote real-time noise monitoring buoy
• Remote access via web interfacebasda145-e1415197985562
• WiFi link up to 3km
• 4 synchronised hydrophone inputs
• 3Hz to 1000kHz monitoring
• Up to 21 days recording autonomy

For more details of the complete range of products available from RTsys, please contact us


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