Subsea Moorings & Equipment

Subsea moorings & equipment: The instrumentation that stays within the water column including frames, releases, in line flotation etc.

Subsea moorings can comprise both mooring-lines (i.e. through the water column) and bottom-mounted frames. Either system can be equipped with a variety of point-based and profiling equipment.

A subsea mooring line will be anchored at a specific point with a line extending vertically towards the surface, populated with instrumentation and flotation buoys along its length. The flotation buoys may be there for just flotation to avoid knock down or to also mount instruments into.

In shallower water, where there is more chance of third party interference, a bottom-mounted frame may rather be used. Both the mooring line and the bottom-mounted  mooring can be fitted with either point-based or profiling instrumentation.

Acoustic releases allow the moorings to be released from the bottom by either leaving the mooring weight behind or using a pop up buoy to aid recovery.

Securing your mooring / aiding recovery:

EdgeTech AR


  • Acoustic releases
  • Combined acoustic release and pop up buoy system


  • Iridium satellite beaconsMetOcean Telematics Beacons Flashers
  • VHF tracking beacons
  • LED flashers


Flotation & Bottom Frames:

Mooring Systems Inc


  • Bottom mounting frames
  • Trawl resistant bottom frames (TRBM)
  • ADCP buoys
  • Mooring floats
  • Instrument inline frames


Glass flotation and instrument spheres:



  • Glass flotation
  • Glass instrument spheres



Equipment to be deployed

DeepTrekker : Remotely Operated Vehicles, Crawlers, Utility Vehicles & Drop Cameras
Nautilus : Glass Flotation and Glass Instrument Spheres
Nortek Defence  : Current / Wave Solutions and DVLs for Defence
RBR  : Single, Dual,  Multi Channel loggers for full oceanographic parameters
Zebra-Tech : Sensor and Camera Housing Wipers

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