MSI is pleased to offer the RBR / Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO) Wirewalker, a wave-powered profiling system where mechanical, sensing, and communication elements are all tightly integrated. The DMO Wirewalker can be configured using either the RBRconcerto³ or RBRmaestro³ instruments.

Using the RBRfermata battery canister, deployments can be extended by a factor of 40 and provide power for inductive telemetry to the surface.

  • RBR systemRapid Vertical Profiling – Powered by Ocean-waves
  • Standard 300m depth profiling – available up to 1000m
  • Deploy with any RBRconcerto³ or RBRmaestro³
  • Custom sensor configuration
  • Moored and drifting deployments possible
  • System designed for efficiency and ease-of-use
  • 6Hz profiling data to the surface



The RBRcervello data controller is mounted on the surface buoy above a Del Mar Oceanographic (DMO) Wirewalker. It controls and retrieves data inductively from an RBRconcerto³ or RBRmaestro³ mounted on the Wirewalker.

Realtime data may be transmitted via Iridium or GSM modem, and is immediately available on a private website. Data is also archived on the RBRcervello for redundancy, and is accessible via a USB stick upon buoy recovery.

  • Flexible deployment configuration using only a USB stick
  • 4800 baud inductive telemetry for 6Hz sampling rates
  • Iridium and GSM telemetry options
  • Phone or tablet view of realtime data from anywhere on the planet
  • Configured with up to 10 channels of data

RBRfermata³ & RBRfermette³

rbrfermettec2b3-3.pngThis battery canister, rated to 750dbar, is capable of extending deployments for all RBR instruments and any other devices requiring a nominal 12V supply. Three MCBH connectors are mounted on the top end-cap, and the battery pack design includes 56 D-cells, soldered with reverse and short-circuit protection, in a single wrapped pack.

The RBRfermata prolongs the life of all deployments by providing 1kWh of power to any underwater instrument. For standard RBR instruments, this is approximately a 40x improvement to our extended battery carriage capacity.

As an alternative, you can also extend your deployments using the compact RBRfermette³. Featuring a single MCBH connector, this battery canister accommodates 8 AA cells.

Drawings for the battery packs are available to aid local sourcing, particularly in the case of lithium packs (which further increase the autonomy).


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