Training on all agencies


MSI has extensive experience with the equipment that we sell built up of many years of hands on experience. In addition, the team at MSI has vast experiences in different areas and this has been used in some of the training that we have provided. Training has been provided around Australia as well as in Southern Africa (via MSI’s office in Cape Town) and include:

  • RBR loggers – their use and maintenance (Queensland)
  • EgdeTech Acoustic Release and Pop Up Buoy training (Tasmania)
  • DeepTrekker ROV (DTG2 & DTX2) training (Queensland)
  • RBR profiling CTD and Ruskin software (Tasmania)
  • Use of RBR depth loggers and Ruskin software (NSW)
  • AXYS TRIAXYS buoy – setting up and servicing (Victoria)
  • Hydrographic surveying module of Surveying course (Cape Town)
  • Project Management as part of degree course (Cape Town)
  • Use of client owned oceanographic equipment (Mozambique)

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