Hydro-Wiper keeps optical windows clear.jpgZebra-Tech Ltd is a New Zealand-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for underwater research and fisheries catch sampling including sensor wipers.

The Hydro-Wiper is an innovative mechanical wiper system designed to fit easily to a wide variety of optical instruments. Using a regular gentle brushing action, the Hydro-Wiper keeps the optical window of the instrument clean from bio-fouling and unwanted deposits such as mud.

The Hydro-Wiper reduces the need for costly site visits to manually clean the instrument, maintaining data integrity throughout long deployments.

Zebra-Tech has created a range of models that are now being used by educational institutions, government agencies and private companies in all parts of the world and is represented by MSI in Australia.

Zebra Tech Hydro-Wiper for RBRcoda ODOSelf-contained Hydro-Wiper

Ideal for extended deployments of sensors where external power supplies are not available. The wiper unit is connected to a rugged underwater housing that contains the batteries, control electronics, diagnostic LED and wipe interval select switch.

Powered by 6 user replaceable alkaline batteries, the Hydro-Wiper will operate for over 4 months with a 1 hour wiper interval. The wipe interval can be set from 15 minutes to 12 hours, to suit the environment. A high precision on-board clock ensures time drift during long deployments is minimal.

Data Logger controlled Hydro-Wiper

The Data-logger controlled Hydro-Wiper consists of a wiper unit that is attached to your sensor or underwater camera by a purpose designed clamp.

The wiper unit is connected to the Hydro-Wiper control module by an electrical cable. The control module is a small rugged wiring panel that connects to a power supply and a data logger. To initiate a wipe, the data logger simply sends a trigger signal to the control module.

Synchronizing the wipe with measurements from the instrument ensures data quality is consistent throughout the deployment and optical sensor fouling is minimized.

Other Wipers

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  • Custom Housing
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