Deep Trekker

deeptrekker.jpgDeep Trekker ROVs, Utility Vehicles, Crawlers and Drop Camera are like no other you’ve seen. Based on a clean-sheet design, Deep Trekker remove the complexity of owning and piloting a remotely operated vehicle – but without sacrificing quality or capabilities. All of their vehicles are based on the principle of bringing a portable, affordable, and easy to use solution to anyone that wants to look underwater. With this mission, all of the systems are built on the same principle features.

  • DTG3Light Weight, Low Drag Tether
  • Patented Pitching System
  • Fully Integrated Viewing & Control
  • 360° Viewing
  • Portable Solution
  • Built to Last

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) Models:

  • DTG3Rev ROV
  • Revolution

Remotely Operated Pipe Crawlers:

  • DeepTrekker Pipe Crawler with Elevated CameraDT340 Lite
  • DT340 Standard
  • DT340 X
  • DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler (for 6″ Pipes)

Remotely Operated Utility Crawlers:

  • DT640 Utility Crawler (Rubber Wheels)
  • DT640 Utility Crawler (Magnetic Wheels)

Drop Cameras:

  • DeepTrekker DTPod Standalone CameraDTPod 150
  • DTPod 300
  • DTPod Fleet

More Detail:

DT320 Mini Crawler
Pipe Crawlers
DeepTrekker Utility Crawler
Utility Crawlers
Drop Cameras
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